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*Price is per car* The Winter Sky Drive In is another socially distant astronomy event from GLAS Education! Buy your ticket online and reserve your parking spot at the Duck Pond Recreation Area outside of Fontana WI. This ninety minute event will include a guided tour of the night sky, telescope observing, and astronomy trivia!
This socially distant event will be comprised of three activities! You will learn how to navigate the night sky with the help of a free sky app, view objects like Mars, The Moon, and The Orion Nebula through telescopes, and participate in astronomy trivia to win fun prizes. All of this is included in your admission price. You will receive more details on the specifics after you have registered for the event! Each ticket you buy is for one car and the number of attendees per car is not limited except by the number of seat belts in your vehicle. Please arrive up to 20 minutes before 7pm to ensure a prompt 7 pm start for our event. This event is not dependent upon weather as we will still do the app guided sky tour and astronomy trivia should it be too cloudy or lightly snowing. If there is severe weather in the forecast the event may need to be rescheduled and you will be notified via email. Please make sure you are able to turn your headlights off or cover them. We recommend bring along some blankets to help you keep warm! There will be optional observing so please make sure you bring a mask to wear during the observing session of the event.